‘Car crashes, a dog named after me and even a marriage proposal’; an interview with Reverend and the Makers


I had a quick chat with Reverend and the Makers following the release of their fourth album; we talked lyrical inspiration, supporting Oasis and Football Manager.

How have you guys progressed since you formed?

It’s that sense of freedom. Most bands spend their second and maybe third albums worrying about maintaining what they’ve created, for example keeping fans . We’ve managed to carve out this cult following, irrespective of the mainstream industry and I think that fuelled our confidence to just write bangers. Also we had a laugh making it. Like I was just acting daft the whole time and making James Welsh and Ed – our guitarist – piss themselves. I think that sort of atmosphere makes for a great record.

You’ve supported some massive bands like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys; who have you enjoyed working with the most?

Noel Gallagher. Proof that just because you’re a massive rock star doesn’t mean you have to automatically turn into a total wanker. He’s a total gent and lets be honest; if I give you a choice of him liking your band or Nick Grimshaw, who would you choose?

What is the best gig or venue you have ever played?

I love these house gigs to be honest. Thirty two of them in thirty two front rooms. We’ve had riot vans, smashed windows, car crashes, a dog named after me and even a marriage proposal so any of them I reckon.

The Sound of 2014 has just been released, who are some up and coming bands that you are fans of?

The sound of 2014? Who decides these things? I’m into Liberty Ship from Sheffield. John Lennon Mcullagh who Alan McGhee just signed is great. I love Kwaito from South Africa. It’s so unique and different and deserves to be a a massive scene over here. Also the drummer queen from Kenya is amazing; like an African Missy Elliot or something.

How do you relax on the road when you are on tour?

Ganja! Or Football Manager. Or both at once!

When song writing, where does your inspiration come from and how do you go about writing?

Well I think bands turn shit when they stop writing about subjects their audience comprehend. To that end, it’s vital to keep a strong connection with what fires your lyrics. So I stay in Sheffield. I hang out with my brother who runs a pub and my cousin who works on the bins. It’s the little stories isn’t it? I doubt it’s the same if you’re on a fuckin yacht somewhere getting a tan.

Reverend and the Makers are currently on tour promoting their latest album Thirty-Two, which is released on 24th February. They play a date at Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth on 12th March.


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