Freshers Fest 2013: Friday


The weather yesterday morning was a massive cause for concern; everybody knows that festivals in the rain are nowhere near as good as those in the sun. Thankfully though, as the thunderstorms dwindled away, the promised sun appeared for day one of Freshers Fest.

As I walked through the archway to Connaught’s old quad I was delighted at the sight before my eyes. This was no half-hearted attempt to entertain, this time the JCR’s had got it right. Four massive inflatables, a rodeo pig (yes, not a bull, a pig), plenty of alcohol and plenty of music!

The obstacle course provided hours of fun for everyone, and when we got bored of tackling this huge inflatable with four limbs,enhanced fun was found in having a go with our hands tied behind our back or our feet tied together. The bouncy castle volley ball gave friendship groups with the chance to spend some quality time together before heading their separate ways for summer and crowds gathered to watch the bungee run which granted endless laughter for all. For those of us who fancied being a little more competitive there were the gladiator podiums and of course, the hard-to-get-on-to easy-to-fall-off-of spinning, bucking, seemingly dancing pig!

The end of the obstacle course

The end of the obstacle course

Whilst little attention was paid to the earlier artists, the stage was blessed with Freddie and the Freeloaders for the final hour of sunshine. Getting a group of hungover freshers from lounging around on the grass to jumping up and down to the beats is surely no easy task, but Freddie got us there in the end and as the set of well known covers came to a close the most enthusiastic of fans crashed the stage and sang their hearts out to ‘Mr Brightside’.

With the only downfall being a lack of attendance, as the inflatables deflated, we left feeling elated and excited for today’s party at Glen with Trevor Nelson and Cassetteboy.


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