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The Ramona Flowers are a 5 piece electro indie outfit from Bristol. Those of you who have seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World will recognise Ramona Flowers as the name of one of Scott’s evil ex girlfriends. The band are named after this mysteriously cool female character yet, in my opinion, they are a whole lot cooler than the pretty average movie. Their influences range from Baths to Bloc Party and the way they combine glitchy drum beats with brilliantly soaring choruses make for a very exciting new band on the scene.

They are currently on a tour of the UK with Bastille. A coveted slot and one that will gain them a lot of attention. They performed at the Mo’Club in Southampton earlier this month and received a great crowd reaction. Upon speaking to them before their Oxford show on the tour they enthused about how the Southampton show  at the Mo’Club was their best yet and explained how everything seemed to click with the crowd. The Oxford show was also great; another highlight from the tour. They played a slightly different set, including a newly added track to the set titled ‘Friend of the Madness’. They also played ‘Modern World’ from their most recent EP Dismantle and finished with the incredibly catchy ‘Brightness’; they’re set was brilliant from start to finish. Tracks such as the ‘Tokyo’ and brilliant new single ‘Lust and Lies’ gained an especially favourable crowd reaction.

The Dismantle EP includes first single ‘Dismantle and Rebuild’, a beautiful track that fuses electro elements with an anthemic sing-along chorus. The ebbing and flowing between soft quiet sections to the louder powerful sections makes for a really interesting listen. An ambitious feat for a first single but the band cherish the challenge and make it work.  It is a track that works extremely well live too. This single deserves to be the one that grabs the attention of new fans. Also on the Dismantle EP is a track called ‘Modern World’ which is also a brilliant track. The leading bass-line carries the track while the beautiful falsetto vocals sit nicely on top. You can download the Dismantle EP here.

Their new EP Lust and Lies is out on April 29th and you can listen to the single here. This is personally my favourite track of the bands so far. Seeing the progression from one EP to the next excites me. If they can manage to pull together tracks such as these after only being together a short while, it puts forward exciting prospects for the full length album. ‘Lust and Lies’ is an all round great track. By the end of it, in a live setting, the band manage to get the majority of the crowd singing along to lines such as the brilliant ‘how right you were’ right back at them. I’m excited for the time when they will be playing a headline show and hundreds of people will be singing back every word.

Check out the band’s official website here as well as checking out the video for ‘Lust and Lies’ below.


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