Top 10 covers, remixes and parodies of ‘Call Me Maybe’


On March 1st 2012 the video for ‘Call Me Maybe’ was uploaded to YouTube and it quickly became one of the biggest selling singles of 2012. In the four and half months that it has been around, it has racked up almost 160 million views and has gone to number one worldwide. However, it’s success is partially due to it being one of THE MOST ANNOYING SONGS EVER. Consequently, loads of parodies and covers have been made of this viral pop song, and here are 10 of the best.

10. Harvard Baseball team
They were bored and decided to record their own little dance in the back of a minibus. It quickly went viral and they’ve even made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a result. Oh America…

9. MattyBRaps and Cimorelli
2 YouTube viral video makers have joined forces to make this parody version. It’s racked up over 22 million views, and ‘MattyBRaps’ is actually quite good!

8. Corgi Rae Pet Parody
Where would we be without cute videos of animals on YouTube? Probably a lot better off, but they always brighten up a dull day. Here is a fat corgi which has been auto-tuned so that it ‘sings’ along. 

7. Overly Attached Girlfriend
This creepy American teenager sings about stalking a guy. Yeah… um… this one is really weird. And scary.

6. Call Me Maybe Acapella 147 times exponentially layered
Electronic DJ/musician man Dan Deacon has layered ‘Call Me Maybe’ on top of itself 147 times until eventually it just sounds like grinding machinery… and arguably better than the original. 

Listen to it here.

5. The Dirty Parody
This man shows what the song would sound like if it was sung from a male perspective. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t JUST want her to “call me maybe”.

4. Tay Zonday cover
Deep voiced creator of the 2007 viral ‘Chocolate Rain‘ is back to showcase his bassy tones on a cover which makes him sound even creepier.

3. Barack Obama cover
Obama still manages to look cool even when he is sounding like a robot by being edited to sing this. A record deal can’t be far off.

2. Star Wars cover
The whole cast of Star Wars are back in an action packed adventure where everyone seems to be asking everyone else for their number. Do they even have phones in the Galactic Empire?

1. Sesame Street do ‘Share It Maybe’
Even the Cookie Monster has done a parody; he just wants to share your cookie. It doesn’t get much better than this!


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