The Angle – Week 8


Another week, another Angle! Let’s dive straight into the songs for week 8.

1. Zulu Winter – ‘Never Leave’

A five-piece from London, Zulu Winter perform an enthralling brand of indie pop infused with elements of shoegaze, showcasing an almost ominous and chilling sound throughout ‘Never Leave’, layered with customary minimalistic synths. Having opened previously for Foster the People, their sound is a reflective take on the summery delights of the American group, mellowing out sumptuously with some credit to Will Daunt’s eerie vocal style. The atmospheric strings and captivating beat also draw comparisons to second album-era Foals. Their album is rumoured for a release towards the summer of 2012.

2. My Best Fiend – ‘Higher Palms’

A quirky mix of light electronic experimentation and straight-cut rock is what comprises the output from My Best Fiend thus far. ‘Higher Palms’ begins with a snazzy 80s-style keyboard and then merges delicately with elements of country rock. In what eventually becomes almost a choir of noise, the band showcase an array of talents which are likely to lead to a successful and innovative future for the band from Brooklyn.

3. Frankie Rose – ‘Know Me’

After a rather eclectic career to date already as part of bands such as Dum Dum Girls and Crystal Stilts, Frankie Rose has had a good deal of experience on which to dwell as she embarks on a solo career. So far, so good as she proves an uncanny ability to pick out the best elements of shoegaze and pop in ‘Know Me’. With a brilliantly simple drumbeat and an entrancing vocal energy coupled with a liberal dosing of reverb, the single is a brilliant spectacle of her talent. Her debut album Interstellar is released on February 21st.

4. Avalanche City – ‘Love Love Love’

A folk rock group from New Zealand, Avalanche City have already conquered their native charts with their debut single. An uplifting, spirited performance from the band in ‘Love Love Love’ shows further strength of the genre as popularised by Mumford and Sons and The Shins, albeit to a more peppy backing. Having received regular airplay on XFM and at various occasions on Radio 1, the band are set to make their transition over to the UK smoothly and eloquently.

Contributions from David Martin and Andy Neilson.


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