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Come Again is filled with love, humour, growth, and change, and it should definitely be on your to-read list this year.

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Perhaps best well-known for his role as Peep Show’s permanent man-boy Jeremy, Robert Webb has had a memorable career thus far. Last month, his first fictional novel Come Again was released. With his first book How Not To Be A Boy being an ideal text that will most likely benefit anyone who reads it, this novel was highly-anticipated. And, it’s obvious that acting is not Webb’s only calling. Come Again is just as compelling and intriguing as his debut, despite its difference in genre.

There’s only so much the genre of fiction can cover, and Webb ticks every box. The novel is as concerned with love and relationships as it is concerned with adulthood and change. And, also, time-travel. What more could you want?

Without giving too much away, Come Again details the experience of the emotions within a first love. The passion, the sadness, and the growth come together for protagonist Kate, to form a consequential realisation in her. Its main action is weirdly relatable, too (if you ignore the actual time-travel part). The novel focusses around a question that a lot of us will ask at many points in our life: what if?

What makes Come Again so great is its combination of genres. Time-travel isn’t pictured in your usual love story, but this is definitely not a usual love-story. It also balances perfectly in between a serious and a humorous tone. With serious aspects like helplessness and suicide, Webb pitches Kate’s struggles with the perfect level of humour.

Because of this amalgamation of genres, this novel is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys books. If it’s not the witty writing that gets you hooked, it’ll be the story-line (which, for the record, is entirely unpredictable). Whether you’re looking for a book that deals with love, or change, or adulthood, or something light and easy to read, Come Again is for you.

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