Recap: Love Island (Week 5)


This week of Love Island saw two couples and one contestant dumped from the island and featured the new vamped beloved challenged ‘Guess the Headline’ which saw many couple arguments and fallings out. The week started with Rebecca and Jordan, and Eva and Nas leave the villa as they gained the least amount of votes from the public. Resulting in Rebecca’s epic shade comment ‘I don’t think we will become boyfriend and girlfriend’ to the cameras in front of Jordan. Nas who was previously a fan-favourite got dumped shortly after choosing Eva in Casa Amor instead of staying loyal to Demi.

The news headline challenge rocked the island as islanders got an insight into what the public was thinking, causing a rift between all couples on the show. One of the main incidents saw a headline which started Luke T had told the boys they had “got naked” in the hideaway, Siannise was not happy about this as she felt it was a private moment that did not need to be aired to the villa. Another headline said Finn was “set to turn” in an episode of Casa Amor leaving Paige incredibly angry as she stayed loyal, he did as well but the headline stated differently. Another headline branded Mike a “snake” as he is now on his fourth woman in the villa, his partner Priscilla needed reassuring that she was special. Callum and Molly also had their first argument as a headline started Callum was “set to cheat” on Molly, causing Molly to worry about their relationship. All the couples made up and proved the strength of their relationship.

On a lighter note two couples became official this week, Paige and Finn were the first to become ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ as he took her to the firepit to ask the exciting question. She of course said yes! Next came Luke T and Siannise, which saw Luke T set up a fairytale-like quest to find ‘her prince’, Luke M guided her across the villa where she had to complete obstacles were she had to answer questions about their relationship correctly to get to the next level which eventually led her to Luke T where he asked her the special question which again saw her say YES!

This week saw the development of a new couple in the villa, Demi admitted to wanting to ‘get to know’ Luke M to Siannise who automatically took the role of cupid as she set up a cute little date for them both. This worked incredibly and twitter’s dreams had come true. However, its not Love Island without a bit of drama, new bombshell Jamie arrived into the villa and expressed interest in Demi, which saw Demi wanting to ‘get to know’ Jamie as well as Luke M., Jamie decided to take both Shaughna and Demi on a date, Shaughna and Jamie seemed to be getting along perfectly as they discussed football and how Callum handled the situation in Casa Amor badly. Leading to that ‘awkward’ (and unnecessary) chat he had with Callum, giving him a right telling off. After the respective dates with both women, Shaughna and Demi came down with Luke syndrome and both started ‘grafting’ for his affection. Shaughna admitting to having a crush on Luke M was a huge shock not only to viewers but to the villa, Mike proclaimed “you will eat him alive” which Shaughna responded, “that’s what I like”. Sadly, a recoupling happened too soon and saw Shaughna dumped from the island as Luke M chose Demi in the recoupling, Shaughna declared she was ready to leave and had a great time. She will be missed from our TV screens; she was someone who had amazing one-liners and was one of the most popular islanders.

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