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Ever since I completed Borderlands 2, I have been aching to get back to the chaotic world that is Pandora (yes, I know about the Pre-Sequel. It was ok I guess, but nothing can compare to Borderlands 2). And last week, 7 years since Borderlands 2 was released, Borderlands 3 was announced. But what do we know so far? Lets dive straight into it:

When will it be released?

The release date was confirmed by Gearbox, the team behind the Borderlands franchise, to be 13th September 2019. It will be released on current generation consoles and PC.

Any details on the story?

Not really, we know the identity of the antagonists – The Calypso Twins. We also know the names of the four playable vault hunters – Fl4k (A cyborg tracker), Moze (A mech pilot), Amara (A siren bruiser) and Zane (A corporate hitman), each with their own unique playstyle. Throughout the trailers we can also see some familiar faces returning to the frey, such as Lillith the Siren, Sir Hammerlock, Rhys and our favourite explosive-obsessed teenager Tiny Tina (although she looks to have grown up quite a bit). No sign of Handsome Jack yet…

When and where is it set?

We don’t really know. By looking at how some of the characters have aged, probably a few years if not more since the events of Borderlands 2. Where? Well, we saw some familiar locations from Pandora, however we also saw some others of other planets, such as the utopian metropolis in trailer. The website suggests that ‘the borderlands’ isn’t just Pandora, but a cluster of planets at the edge of the universe, and we will be exploring more of those in Borderlands 3.

Any more interesting details?

Well, yes. There’s Claptrap. oh, and guns, LOTS of guns (over 1 billion different guns), including a gun with legs (because why not?). The weapons manufacturers seem to have had an overhaul, with new specialties for each manufacturer, a feature present in Borderlands 2. We don’t really know much about Borderlands 3 at the moment, as there isn’t much gameplay footage or any information on the story. All we know is it’s gonna be EPIC!

Borderlands 3 will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 13th September 2019

Catch the Borderlands 3 trailer below:


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