Two new trailers for Ubisoft’s Child of Light emerge


Two new trailers have recently been released giving further tantalising details about Ubisoft’s upcoming downloadable title; Child of Light.

The first trailer reveals that the game’s soundtrack is composed by Canadian artist Coeur de Pirate; who is also teaming up with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.

The music already teased in previous trailers already promises spectacular things, but hearing these further details only serves to build excitement.

The trailer outlines the relationship between the game’s key developers and art designers, and the Cirque du Soleil (the Canadian entertainment company). Apparently the performers and directors have been giving the guys at Ubisoft some intriguing ideas.

The second trailer shows off some more of Child of Light’s beautiful environments and art style; the images speak for themselves. Other points of interest include the reveal that Aurora (the lead character) does in fact become an adult at some point in the game; something previously left uncertain by released statements and trailers.

Child of Light is set to be released for download on April 30th by Ubisoft on Microsoft windows, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS4,PS3 and Wii U.


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