TV Comedy Pick: 2 Broke Girls


The next instalment of The Edge’s TV comedy picks that you should be watching:

2 Broke Girls

There is nothing dirty about a sweet delicious cupcake with pink or white sprinkles on top – is there?

You may have a very different view on this if you are into 2 Broke Girls and follow how Max Black and Caroline Channing try to open their cupcake shop despite the fact that they haven’t got a penny in their pockets. You then will also know that this series is less about a cupcake shop but more about who cracks the next (dirty) joke. Is it Max mocking Han, her boss, or telling one of her (usually maudlin)  “when I was little” stories; is it Caroline “talking business” or regretting she is not rich anymore or is it Oleg showing off his “attractiveness” (which is almost always his penis) wherever he can?

Season 3 is on – and it is as hilarious as ever. Nothing has changed – which is normally not a good thing – but in this case it definitely is as the series just doesn’t lose its freshness and originality.

Season Three of Two Broke Girls is showing on E4, and selected episodes are available on 4od. Seasons one and two are available on DVD.


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