The Countdown to E3


It’s that time of year again as avid gamers wait in fidgety patience for the hotly anticipated gaming expo E3. It’s a chance for Microsoft , Sony and Nintendo having recently announced their next generation of consoles (with Nintendo‘s Wii U already on sale), to begin paving the way for a completely new experience in gaming. With promises of superior graphics and ultimately an all-in-one entertainment experience these next generation consoles have something to live up to. However, not much has yet been revealed in regard to actual games and there is a likelihood that the previous generation of consoles will still feature prominently. So, to get your thumbs twitching, what follows is just a snippet of what you can expect at this year’s showcase.

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima is no stranger to the expectation that E3 draws every single year, especially when he is at the centre of it. The man behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise is expected to reveal more information on the fifth instalment this year and what we know so far is very limited. The only information we have as far is the next instalment looks to largely feature Snake – although Sons of Liberty proved that this cannot always be assumed – and that it will be called Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. We have also been treated to a trailer and it is an intriguing one. Imagery including Big Shell engulfed in flames, a whale (yes, a whale) flying through the sky, and what looks to be Ocelot on a flaming horse are likely to raise eyebrows and a few questions regarding what is actually real. Then again, Kojima is renowned for providing fans with plenty of red herrings which makes his appearance at this years E3 all the more exciting.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Bungie, acclaimed for the Halo Trilogy, are this year expected to reveal in more detail their plan to cut ties from Master Chief in the form of sci-fi RPG Destiny. Published by Activision, the game is expected to be released on both Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles. Despite the sparse details of the project so far, there has already been an emphasis on the game’s in-game world and how the universe is “alive”. In some cases Bungie have said that events that occur in the game’s universe are expected to be unique to each individual player, to the point that they as developers don‘t even know what to expect. With such a bold claim and with the success of Halo behind them, Bungie need to bring absolutely everything in their presentation if they are going to distance themselves from their iconic son.

Destiny Teaser

Batman: Arkham Origins

With two outstanding Batman games in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, not much needs to be said for this prequel follow-up. With a teaser trailer featuring a younger Bruce Wayne battling out with villain Deadstroke, I am already convinced that Rocksteady Studios have a guaranteed hit on their hands. To quash any doubts though, some game-play footage and a demonstration of the game’s mechanics would go down very nicely.

Arkham Origins Teaser

The Evil Within

Questions have been asked regarding the survival horror genre during this generation of consoles and most of the time this criticism is pretty fair. Disregarding the first instalment of the Dead Space franchise and the Condemned games – which both had me excreting bodily fluids – no other game of this generation has grabbed me and had me shaking in the corner like a scared fawn. This year though we may have an answer in the form of The Evil Within. Created by Shinji Mikami, the original founder of the Resident Evil series, The Evil Within promises a mix of deep psychological themes and horror elements which hark back to traditional survival horror. I for one cannot wait to see where they’ve taken it and whether it is just as advertised. In other words, less quick-time and more scares please, Mr Mikami.

The Evil Within Teaser

Kids demonstrating the advancement of Kinect

Yep. With the advances in motion technology you can expect plenty of kids flailing their limbs in a multitude of activities. Expect a mass Gangnam Style dance troupe, waving at glitching tigers and a yoga class, I guess.

A Brand New Mario Game for the Wii U?

Please, Nintendo?


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    No mention of the most hypely anticipated game watchdogs? Or are you just trying to avoid it because everybody is talking about it?

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      Yeah, I think Watchdogs has had so much press it wasn’t worth mentioning. Definitely looks interesting though.

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