Nostalgic News: Reservoir Dogs released 22 years ago today


Reservoir Dogs, the first recognisable film and cult hit written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, was released 22 years ago today, on the 23rd of October.

Showing events taking place before and after a failed jewellery store robbery, Reservoir Dogs depicts the reality of American gangsters in the 90s. With a strong focus on their tough characters, Tarantino captures the process of the trust dissolution following the gang members gradual turning on each other. It gained vast critical acclaim, marking its place in the history of independent cinema.

Amazingly engaging to watch, the movie has the ability to make you feel like you can rob a bank and get away with it, just because you are wearing a sleek suit and a designer pair of sunglasses.

Relive its raw power with a trailer below.


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