Preview: Takedown Festival 2014


Launched in 2012 and now in its third year, Takedown festival is one of the smallest festivals of its kind, and always has a fantastic atmosphere, where you can really interact with your favourite bands, especially at the legendary Uprawr after-party. However, despite its size, Takedown consistently manages to secure fantastic line-ups and this year is no exception.

If you have even a passing interest in any form of rock or metal music, there’ll be at least one band on this year’s line-up for you. You like traditional, no-frills, hard-rock? Try Jettblack or Heaven’s Basement. Maybe you’re a fan of metalcore, in that case, check out Yashin and Glamour of the Kill, who sound like Bullet for My Valentine on steroids and write the catchiest songs this side of the top 40. Lovers of theatrical rock should look out for Lostalone and Fearless Vampire Killers. Lostalone takes the epic anthemic style of Muse and injects it with a healthy dose of insanity, whereas FVK prefer to blend their more operatic tendencies with the fast furious punk of a young My Chemical Romance. Headlining the whole shebang are welsh emo titans Funeral for a Friend.

If you fancy venturing away from the bigger stages during the day you’ll discover yet more hidden gems on the Takedown line-up. One of these is Ashestoangels, a band who were included on the line-up through the determination of their dedicated fanbase. Catch their performance to see exactly why they inspire such devotion. Elsewhere, sleazy trash-punks Ugly Love are a consistently enjoyable live band you won’t regret seeing. If you fancy something completely different, try southern inspired rockers Western Sand. Close your eyes while listening to these guys and you’re immediately transported to sunny Alabama, and who wouldn’t want that?

Takedown festival takes place at Southampton University on Saturday 15th March, and you can currently buy tickets at the early bird price of £20 here.


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