BluChristmas #37: The Graduate (1967)


“I guess I’m a little worried about my future…” summed up Dustin Hoffman’s, Benjamin Braddock. It is a classic ‘coming of age’ film that I wish was brand new to me every time I watched it.

The Graduate is a story of a young man so alienated and confused upon graduation that he falls into the palm of the bitter Mrs Robinson (Anne Bancroft). Here begins the most famous ‘cougar affair’ of all time. Whilst Ben proves even more alone under the clutch of Mrs Robinson, he sees the error of his infidelities when he falls in love with her daughter, Elaine (Katherine Ross); a real spanner in the works.

Whether it be the glorious technicolor of 1960s California, Mrs Robinson’s glamorous leopard print outfits or the fabulous soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel, this is a film that will not disappoint. StudioCanal’s beautifully designed digi-book packaging is wonderful, as is their sparkling transfer.

The Graduate (1967), directed by Mike Nichols, is distributed on blu-ray disc and DVD in the UK by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Certificate PG.


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