BluChristmas #14: Serenity (2009)


Serenity is the long awaited (for some at least) sequel film to the cult success series Firefly. The film gives a conclusion to the prematurely cancelled TV series, and does so in a dramatic, heart wrenching and thoroughly gripping way.

While Firefly tells the story of a crew of people trying to find their place in a wide wide ‘verse, each with different stories and backgrounds. In Serenity River Song takes centre stage, and shows herself as a strong, female badass – exactly the type of character that Joss Whedon excels in writing. The character dynamics are tight, with witty banter which grants welcome reprieves from intense moments.

BluRay is the perfect medium for Serenity because of the vastness of the story, and the beauty of the environment. The scale of the story is epic, with beautifully constructed landscapes and visual spaces. The mixtures of Western and Eastern culture throughout give visual flavour and complement the mixture of genres. Western and Sci-fi may seem incompatible at first glance, but they blend together brilliantly in Serenity.

Serenity is a must see film, either as a completion of the series, or as a stand alone.

Serenity is released by Universal Pictures UK, and is certificate 15.


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