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Foals are a band who have never been afraid to evolve their sound, and their latest release ‘Looking High’  takes fans into a summery, lighter exploration of feelings of nostalgia and embracing new things following the end of the pandemic. It’s impossible to not immediately imagine this song playing on the radio on sunny days, blasting out of windows on long drives to the beach.

‘Looking High’ joins Foals’ previous two singles from their latest album in a firm departure from the intense and darker melodies of Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost and What Went Down, something which may divide long term fans in their opinions of the bands newest venture. The lyrics place a strong focus on friendship, youth and the nostalgia of nights out together, and it’s a track made for future FIFA soundtracks and indie party playlists.

On it’s first listen, the song is reminiscent of ‘Total Life Forever’ with its catchy guitar riffs and funky bass tone, and whilst its cheerful, the song risks being forgettable. It’s final two minutes bring a feeling that Foals fans are more familiar with, with a soaring build up of Yannis’s echoing vocals and layered guitar tracks bringing an dreamy intensity that rescues it. From here it feels as though Foals have remembered that they are in fact, Foals, and the track segues in an excellent layering of sound and a faster, stronger drum track. This is the stadium filling sound that Foals have promised us.

‘Looking High’ is out now via Warner Music UK. Watch the video below:


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