Review: easy life – ‘skeletons’; Restoring Faith in the Band’s Sound


A promising taste of easy life's upcoming album 'Life's a Beach'.

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Following the release of the recent single ‘a message to myself’ I was left a little disheartened – it wasn’t the kind of sound which made me love easy life‘s music. But ‘skeletons’ has absolutely restored my excitement for the new album, Life’s a Beach, set to release on 4th June 2021.

‘skeletons’ is grounded by a funky bassline which brings a dancey feel to the song, even in the stripped-back vocal moments. For me, this track brings back the jazzy, easy-listening vibes which I have always valued in easy life’s music. Songs like nightmares, sunday, nice guys, and Lust all have a pronounced jazz/funk inspiration that gives their discography a fresh feel, distinct from a lot of other alternative music around at the moment.

The new single centres around the feeling of the past being somewhat inescapable even though you try to avoid it, playing on the term ‘skeletons in the closet’. This topic speaks to many of us, and the song brings an upbeat tone to the pain we all experience. I especially enjoy the range of voices to be found in this track – we hear 4 or 5 different ‘skeletons’ from different members of the band, a really interesting and unique touch.

Overall, this single is a promising taste of the new album which I hope will extend easy life’s familiar indie-meets-jazz-meets-pop sound, upholding their status as a go-to in my music library.

‘skeletons’ is available to listen to now via Island Records. Check out the official video below.


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