Review: Dali – ‘Bitter’; ‘With Every New Track, Dali Get Better And Better’


A killer rock track from Dali proves that they are THE band on the local scene at the moment.

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Intense. Heavy. Angry. Fantastic. These are just a few words that describe ‘Bitter’, the newest single from Dali, out today on the 31st of October.

Dali are no strangers to some cracking good hard rock; their previous EP, Vol. 1 , is pure evidence of this. But ‘Bitter’ feels different somehow, more emotionally-fuelled, and overwhelmingly personal. Lead singer Matt Dudman sings over a fierce backing sound of sharp guitar from guitar-master Pete Wright, deep resonating bass from Ewan Williams, and of course some proper heavy drums from Jack Grossman, that act as the backbone as the entire track. You really can’t have a good rock sound without someone absolutely smashing it on the drums, and Grossman does it beautifully.

‘Bitter’ is, as the song title suggests, furious in its emotions and sound, perhaps even more so than Vol. 1. You can just feel the anger, the frustration, the fury, wash over you, no doubt helped by the lyrics and Dudman’s great delivery. Never holding back, he shouts ”You’re so lost within yourself/ Engrossed in your personal hell/ I told you so go, fuck yourself” in the chorus, emotion dripping through his voice. ‘Bitter’ is very much a rant, or maybe even a mantra; to not let that One Bad Person ruin everything, to not let yourself fixate on them. Ultimately, their ”bark is louder than their bite”, and they’re simply not worth your time. They’re not worth getting ‘Bitter’ over.

Overall, the song is brilliant. It’s a real headbanger, and just goes to show that with every new track, Dali get better and better.

‘Bitter’ is out now. Check out the music video down below.


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