Review: Lindsey Stirling – ‘What You’re Made Of’; Good, But Not Great

Somewhat powerful

Stirling's latest single is a powerful piece but there's definitely something missing from it.

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Violinist and ex-America’s Got Talent contestant Lindsey Stirling is no stranger to game-based tracks. From covers of the themes of Pokemon and an original piece for RiME, her repertoire thrives with shining musical attractions. ‘What You’re Made Of’ is the latest addition to this collection.

Stirling, the violinist and main artist on the track, is joined by Kiesza with her lyrical ability. The combination results in a powerful, impactful anthem. The violin and vocals flow well together, especially in that final bridge at the song’s close.

The video itself is styled like pages from a graphic novel, interspaced with calmer shots of the ocean or a warm sunny glow. The result, when combined with the power behind the single, is a video that feels like a comicbook. There’s a deeper story here, surrounding the game which moulds with the song nicely, albeit left unexplained and somewhat confusing for those unfamiliar with Azur Lane.

I am an absolutely huge fan of Lindsey Stirling’s work, but for this it took me a couple of days to come around to it; it’s an alright single by her standards, nothing to shout to the world about like when I heard ‘Underground’ or ‘Beyond the Veil’ for the first time.

Overall, it’s not Stirling’s most impactful nor daring single, but combined with the story of the video and Kiesza’s vocals it makes some impact on the listener. A perfect choice for a game single, I just wish it was just a little bit more than it is.

‘What You’re Made Of” is available to listen to now via BMG.


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