Review: James Blake – ‘Godspeed’; An Authentically Stripped-Back Cover


James Blake does justice to Frank Ocean's gorgeous original

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Frank Ocean‘s ‘Godspeed’ is one of the greatest examples of his musicianship, from his 2016 albumĀ Blonde. James Blake‘s cover, which happens to be his most recent single, could not have been a more perfect match. By doing complete justice to the beauty of the original, Blake makes ‘Godspeed’ his own whilst maintaining the authenticity of the original.

Accompanying his vocals is just a simple piano track, which parallels the simplistic backing of Frank’s original. What stands out about Blake’s cover is its completely stripped-back, acoustic set-up, which truly emphasises his stunning vocals. Reaching the higher notes flawlessly, Blake’s vocals complement the melody as he puts the ideal amount of volume and emphasis onto each and every note.

As Blake sings “glory, glory, glory, glory”, it’s simply impossible to not fall in love with this rendition. Living up to the gorgeousness of the original, whilst making it his own, Blake succeeds in creating another masterpiece. Perfect to listen to at any time of day, showcasing his emotive vocal and piano abilities, ‘Godspeed’ is a single you must listen to.

‘Godspeed’ is available to listen to now via UMG Recordings.


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