Review: ‘Glue’ – Nat and Alex Wolff; Raw and Honest

A New Beginning

Whilst never neglecting their musical past, the Wolff brothers are continually improving and are on the verge of big things.

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Known for their careers in movies such as The Fault In Our Stars and Hereditary, Nat and Alex Wolff’s music is not as widely known as their acting. But it should be, and ‘Glue’ is a perfect example as to why.

‘Glue’ deals with the anxieties people face in their lifetime, such as social anxiety. The song has an upbeat catchy melody but the lyrics deal with a character who is going to big parties with his partner; however, he’s struggling to find happiness and peace during all of this.

The best lyrics from this song for me are:

”Should I just burn inside

or should I empty all the spiders locked in my brain.”

These stand out for me as they summarise a feeling of entrapment in your own thoughts. Sometimes it becomes a question of whether mentioning how you truly feel would result in a good outcome or not.

Nat and Alex have often written about the struggles of being a young adult and the anxieties that come with it and I think their fanbase appreciates that because it reminds them Nat and Alex are as ordinary as the rest of us. Yes, they are famous and have successful careers, but they still struggle with things many of us have had to deal with too. Alex Wolff has often been very open with his struggles with depression and anxiety, which is reflected in his music.

Glue comes at an important time in Nat and Alex’s career, with the two growing in popularity because of their successful acting careers. Despite having released music sporadically throughout recent years their latest singles ‘Cool Kids’, ‘Note’ and ‘Glue’ mark the sound of a duo who are only just getting started on the track to a successful musical career.

‘Glue’ is available to listen to now via Saddle Up Records.


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