Review: SPINN – ‘Stuck on a Feeling’

A great return

SPINN have returned with a fresh indie banger

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After a very busy and successful 2019, including the release of their self-titled debut album, the Liverpool four-piece SPINN are back with their new single ‘Stuck on a Feeling’. The young band are bursting with talent and have a real knack for creating upbeat indie-pop songs. The guys have taken some time to work on their craft and their development as musicians is clearly evident on this new track.

As soon as the song begins you immediately recognise the feel-good guitar riffs we have grown to love from the group, but something about this song sounds more mature. The smooth, grooving bass line during the verses carries the song forward perfectly and its dominance in the mix shows the band are trying out something different with their sound.

Frontman Johnny Quinn’s personality and charisma are one of the main things that make the band stand out in the indie scene. Quinn’s performance on this new single is as good as always, but he does sound more mature compared to the previous songs the quartet has released. During the track, Johnny sings about the frustration and anxiety stemming from being unable to sleep. He has explained that “this song is like a prayer for sleep, although I think when you listen to it, you’ll find the music itself has the opposite effect.”

This new sound that SPINN is going for has been pulled off extremely well on this single and the direction they are heading in will likely be a positive one for the band.

‘Stuck on a Feeling’ is available now via Modern Sky Entertainment


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