Review: Hot Milk – ‘California’s Burning’


An angry anthem that sees Hot Milk experimenting with their sound

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Hot Milk are an up and coming punk-fuelled band from Manchester who are not afraid to get political in their music. Starting to make a name for themselves through their catchy lyrics and roaring guitar riffs, this new single, ‘California’s Burning’, sees a different side to the band. They blend electronic, hip-hop and heavy rock together well, making a powerful, ferocious song.

Han Mee is the opening vocalist on this single and her delivery during the verse is quite unexpected. Opting to rap over the moody, electronic beat, Han is able to project her message about gun violence and police brutality in America in a clear but catchy manner.

Jim Shaw, the band’s other main vocalist, really holds his own during the song’s breakdown where he releases his anger and frustration through screaming, a vocal style we haven’t seen from him before. With Shaw’s repetition of the lyric “children of today, mavericks of tomorrow, we will build a bridge coz their minds are too narrow”, it’s clear that the band want to vent their anger publicly and make a stand against the police system. This aggressive track has obviously been inspired by the BLM movement and is making such a powerful statement, bringing light to many issues that need to be resolved.

It is refreshing to see such a young band experimenting with music like this and pushing the boundaries of the rock scene, as well as creating music with a meaning. Hot Milk are definitely a band who should be on your radar and will certainly go on to be hugely successful.

‘California’s Burning’ is available to listen to now on Spotify


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