Review: FEVER 333 – ‘SUPREMACY’


With the recent rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, FEVER 333's newest single is politically charged in all the right ways.

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Californian rock trio FEVER 333 are known for their progressive, heavy sound, with equally hard-hitting lyrics to match. Since forming in 2017, the band has proven themselves as an act that always aims to stand out, with their blend of both rap and heavy metal with an emphasis on political statements and social issues.

Their latest track ‘SUPREMACY’ was released following the killing of George Floyd, which hit the news in May 2020. The track explores issues related to both police brutality and white supremacy, issues which the band covers in the vast majority of their discography. When performing live, lead singer Jason Aalon Butler often wears a range of significant outfits including bulletproof vests to represent the increase of American police militarisation, as well as boiler suits to point out human rights abuses around the world, harkening to prisonwear. It is clear that the band aims to take a stand when it comes to humanitarian issues, and ‘SUPREMACY’ stands out amongst their tracks as one that really begs for justice.

“Born into a world where we’re dying to be free, but we’re living underneath their supremacy.” These are the opening lines of the track. Right from the start, you are drawn into the political landscape of the song which questions the hierarchical structure of society and how it allows white supremacy in our modern supposedly ‘forward-thinking’ world. Following this, in true FEVER 333 style, Butler’s emotional rap begins to draw you into the energy and emotions of the band.

The song is both catchy and important, as it remains close to the band’s style whilst delving even clearer into issues without any sort of sugar coating on top. This is what makes FEVER 333 stand out to me amongst many other bands, filling the Linkin Park void with their clear and powerful messages of injustice. The song stands proud amongst their discography and is definitely one to check out!

‘SUPREMECY’ is available to listen to now via Roadrunner Records. 


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