Review: Tom Rosenthal – ‘Albert Camus’


Tom Rosenthal's newest single lives up to the addictive nature of his previous releases

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Named after the French philosopher, author, and journalist, Tom Rosenthal‘s newest single encapsulates everything there is to love about this musician’s songwriting and music.

The single’s vocals do not differ from previous releases such as Fenn (2017) and Z-Sides (2018), as Rosenthal continues to sing in his dreamy, slightly nasally, manner. His vocals are what makes most of his music so addictive, and ‘Albert Camus’ follows this perfectly.

‘Albert Camus’ does mention the philosopher, but its words are more of a reflection of Rosenthal’s own philosophical, existential beliefs. Camus was famous for his rejection of existentialism and posed one of the most prominent philosophical questions: “There is only one serious philosophical question, and that is suicide”.

Rosenthal’s lyrics battle with Camus’ beliefs, as he sings of the absurdity of aspects of life. As the chorus opens with “Haven’t you heard right? / It’s a truly absurd life”, it’s instantly catchy, and you’ll find yourself singing along to the bittersweet philosophical words in no time. Rosenthal, as usual, perfectly combines humour with potent philosophical topics here.

Perhaps one flaw of ‘Albert Camus’ is its lack of variety. However, Rosenthal’s music thrives off of its catchiness, which incorporates his unique vocal tone with an often simplistically lovely accompaniment. This single’s repetitiveness therefore doesn’t prevent it from being just as addictive as his most popular singles like ‘It’s Ok’ and ‘Fenn’.

‘Albert Camus’ is available to listen to now via Tinpot Records. 


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