Review: Passenger – ‘London in the Spring’


Folk and acoustic singer-songwriter Passenger, known by mega fans as Mike Rosenberg, has been non-stop since his hit “Let Her Go” and has brought us everything from love songs to songs covering more major themes such as global warming and politics. But this time he’s brought us a record that is extremely poignant to all our situations, still being in lockdown, and makes us appreciate the little things.

The acoustic notes start out sombre, provoking a feeling of sadness and definitely catch your attention, as the hopeful lyrics seem to contradict the soft and lilting, yet still melancholy rhythm. Walking us through the city as the song delves into the chorus, mentions of St Paul’s and the Thames paint a picture of the beloved city and remind us all to enjoy the simple things, like walking through London in the Spring. 

Besides making us feel more thankful and appreciating the things we do have, the record installs a new feeling of hope as towards the end it dismisses the opinion that being hopeful is hopeless, that the best is far behind us. It’s an extremely emotional ending to the song and paired with Rosenberg’s raspy and softly spoken voice, it’s a perfect conclusion to the nostalgic track and keeps us hopeful that soon this will be over, and when it is we must remember to enjoy the simple things.

Passenger’s ‘London In The Spring’ is out now via Black Crow Records.


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