Review: The Magic Gang – ‘Take Back The Track’

Disco heaven

The Magic Gang have released a disco inspired single and it is great!

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Everyone’s favourite indie band The Magic Gang are well and truly back. With their second album Death of the Party due on the 21st of August, the band have released the third single from that record, ‘Take Back The Track’ and it is disco heaven.

The song opens up with a grooving guitar riff and drum pattern which instantly catches your attention and gets you moving. Kris leads the vocals on this single and his smooth delivery of the lyrics adds to the disco vibe that the band are aiming for. The chorus is full of rich, danceable instrumentation as well as programmed handclaps that complement the catchy ‘ooohs’ perfectly; and they are impossible to resist singing along to.

It seems that on their second effort the band are heading in a more mature direction, but they are still staying true to their roots. ‘Take Back The Track’ is a fun and upbeat indie hit which you can always expect from The Magic Gang.

‘Take Back The Track’ is available now via Warner Music UK Limited


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