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'Bind' is a song that definitely needs to feature on everyone's playlists at the moment

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Howling is the collaborative name for Ry X and Frank Wiedemann, and they announced news of their second album Colure with the release of the single ‘Bind’.

‘Bind’ comes after a 5-year break from their last album Sacred Ground, and the newest album is certainly something to look forward to as it will feature a reimagined version of Ry X’s ‘Water’, now titled ‘The Water’. ‘Bind’ is entirely successful in creating much anticipation for Colure, which is due to be released on July 24th.

Featuring Ry X’s utterly gorgeous vocals and Wiedemann’s impressive musical accompaniment, this track could be the soundtrack to your summer. It’s got strong dance aspects to it, where there are significant gaps between the vocals for listeners to appreciate and enjoy the beat.

One of the best parts of this single is its change in volume and texture throughout. The musical accompaniment and vocals drop out entirely for a couple seconds, only to open up in an energetic and groovy frenzy of controlled sound. This is extremely powerful and somewhat addictive – once the song ends, you’ll want to listen to it all over again.

‘Bind’ should definitely feature on your lockdown playlist, as it’ll provide you with just over 4 minutes of fantastic beats and gorgeous vocals, allowing you to move and escape from reality successfully.

‘Bind’ is available to listen to now via Counter Records. 


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