Review: Oh Wonder – ‘Keep On Dancing’


Oh Wonder have delivered the perfect, happy tune for any uplifting spring/summer playlist this year.

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Past releases from Oh Wonder have provided the perfect uplifting summer tunes, which simultaneously relax you and make you want to sing along to their catchy choruses. Their newest release ‘Keep On Dancing’ certainly continues this tradition, with its incredibly catchy melody line no doubt becoming the soundtrack to many spring and summer playlists this year.

The soft vocals, which are part and parcel of any Oh Wonder song, combined with the simplistic musical accompaniment at the beginning make for an intriguing opening, ultimately promising a catchy tune and making it very hard to not continue listening. This softness builds up in the chorus, and as the lyrics sing “I’ma keep on dancing, dancing”, it makes you want to do just that – dance. Past singles from this duo have definitely proved their ability at creating an extremely feel-good tune, such as ‘Lose It’ from their debut self-titled album in 2015, but ‘Keep On Dancing’ provides something different, something more. Maybe its release during isolation period means that listening to it provides something happy and energising in an otherwise dull day, but ‘Keep On Dancing’ should be listened to by everyone at least once as it will no doubt provide you with three minutes of happiness, energy and motivation.

Perhaps the only flaw to this single is the repetitive and rather simplistic lyrics, however they are happy and unproblematic, and ultimately easy to sing and dance along to. What more could you ask for from an upbeat and energising tune?

‘Keep On Dancing’ and Oh Wonder’s other new single ‘Lonely Star’ are available to listen to now via Island Records. 


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