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Another banger from The Howlers!

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The Howlers have done it again and released another banging single to get you through this isolation period. The Howlers only formed in 2018 but in such a short space of time have proven they are a band to look out for through their rare desert-rock sound and hard-hitting instruments. They sure will find themselves on your top songs playlist. All their songs have a similar feel, and ‘Badlands’ manages to merge modern day indie-rock with surf-rock creating a completely high energy gem – listening on just a pair of earphones, you can already feel the passion put behind the single. The track is one that will make a crowd go crazy and that is felt especially with the surf guitar over a thumping bassline and heavy rhythm. The catchy chorus alone stands out in this track “now I feel the end has come/ stay and fight don’t try to run”, this is a powerful and positive message that is incredibly important to put across during these times.

An exclusive track is also released on the record called ‘Countylines’. It is a slower song but has a smooth surf guitar playing alongside an acoustic guitar, it provides 1950s rock vibes and is a truly beautiful track. It takes on a completely different tone compared to ‘Badlands’ and though it is much slower and less high energy, it is still one of my personal favourites. If you are a sucker for an acoustic track, then ‘County-lines’ is the track for you.

The three-piece are a band that deserve more recognition, as compared to many upcoming bands they have a much more raw sound. And although they are inspired by Black Honey, everything they create is truly The Howlers. It is important to mention that due to the ongoing global pandemic The Howlers have been unable to promote this single campaign as they have wished to, and are an example of a band struggling due to the international crisis. They are an amazing band so give this single a listen and trust me afterwards you will be impatiently waiting for a new EP.

The Howler’s ‘Badlands’ is out now via The Howlers.


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