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Hare Squead show just why they are ones to look out for with lustful new single Baeboo.

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The Dublin duo Hare Squead have released their second single of the year ‘Baeboo’, an inventive collaboration of electro-funk and hip-hop synths creating a unique track. The song comes just in time for Valentine’s day and addresses the issues overcoming lust and ignoring the flaws in their partner and plunging into a dangerous relationship due to the physical attraction they feel towards them. Lyrics like “make me cry a lot babe” and “hoping my thoughts are valid” shows this. The fun-loving track mixed with its deeper message make for a great soul/funk record.

Tony Konstone and Lilo Blues have an amazing vocal chemistry, their voices go well together and give a different vibe to the song. They are an amazing band and will be achieving great success this year. This lustful track is from their upcoming Superweird EP out 28 February, ‘Baeboo’ only shows what we have to look forward to from the hip-hop duo.

Listen to ‘Baeboo’ via independently popular.


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