Review: Jack Garratt – ‘Time’


Epitomizing Garratt's incredible talents, 'Time' is a song to be played on loop, all day, every day.

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Following an almost four-year break from music releases, coupled with an immense amount of teasing on social media over the potential new music, Jack Garratt hasĀ finally released some new tracks… and it is everything I hoped for.

‘Time’, the first track off of the upcoming albumĀ Love, Death & Dancing, was released at the start of this month alongside two others, ‘Mara’ and ‘Return Them to the One’. All three of these tracks showcase the wonderful talents of the man himself, however ‘Time’ is certainly one that deserves everyone’s upmost attention.

Combining beautiful vocals and an incredibly catchy melody with some groovy, dance-worthy backing, this single is everything you could ask for in a feel-good tune. The uplifting, repetitive line “time is on your side” simply never dulls, and is the perfect song to whack on after a long day.

The most memorable part of ‘Time’ is definitely the build-up and layering of instruments at about four minutes in, and the beautiful harmonies present throughout. If you’ve not listened to Garratt before, it’s certainly the perfect time to, with these new singles demonstrating the amazing talents which have been sourly missed over the past four years.

‘Time’, alongside ‘Mara’ and ‘Return Them to the One’, are available to listen to now via Island Records.


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