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Full of Hope

Its a catchy tune that comes just in time for the presidential campaign season.

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The release of ‘Only The Young’ came same time as Taylor Swift’s new documentary Miss Americana, in which you will see the creation of this new song. Only The Young is a song about hope and how only the young can change the world, this is an international message especially concerning voting. Swift expresses the importance of voting, especially in elections, which can essentially change the outcome, this is most seen as she recalls the 2016 elections “you were out-numbered this time” and that the game itself was “rigged”. This is an extremely political song for Taylor Swift, but this new change for Swift is one fans are loving. Previously Swift was an artist who never spoke politics but considering the importance in this day and age she is beginning to open up about her own views as its no longer about policies but equality.

This single comes out at just the right time, 2020 marks the presidential elections in America and just as presidential candidates will be beginning their campaigns, Swift is beginning hers to encourage the young to vote. The chorus “only the young can run” echoes this, it encourages a future full of hope, diversity and inclusivity. Swift describes that the idea for this single is to shift “power in your direction, if you are bold enough”.

The most important aspect of this single is its message, the song itself is catchy and is one after a single listen will be stuck in your head – in true Taylor Swift fashion. It is great that Swift is changing her music style and focusing upon serious issues, the same theme is seen in Lover. If you haven’t heard this song yet I’d definitely recommend.

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