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Nothing minor about the track

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Hare Squead are known for their ability to blend hip-hop, soul and pop and ‘Minor Gangsters (Gully)’ further does this. Shown in the Latin-inspired acoustic guitar which leads the song and hip-hop percussion, this merges two completely different instruments to create a raw sound.

The absolute banger was inspired by London mayoral candidate Rory Stewart, who in 2019 made headlines for referring to the Irish band as “minor gangsters”, he made this comment by judging their demeanour and appearance causing backlash from the media for his remark which was obviously made on racial grounds. The band themselves are about ‘peace and love’ and instead of using this comment to bring them down they have gone ahead and taken the comment and made it part of their brand. Hare Squead only go and prove there is nothing minor about them, they are a great representation of the Irish hip-hop scene and are slowly entering the mainstream. With lines such as “fuck the white man telling me that I’m a minor G, ya dig” you can only get a sense of where they’ll go. The release of ‘Minor Gangsters (Gully)’ comes just in time for their European tour, also titled Minor Gangsters, in late February.

Overall, this song is a perfect representation of the Irish rap scene and encapsulates Hare Squead’s amazing musicality and ability to make even an offensive comment a piece of art. Stay tuned for Hare Squead’s upcoming Superweird EP arriving later this year.

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