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A catchy tune expressing the talent of runner-up on Rupaul's Drag Race Uk, Divina de Campo.

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A day after coming second in the UK’s first ever series of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Divina de Campo has already dropped her first single. ‘A Drag Race Song’ comes as part of her upcoming album, announced a week prior, titled Decoded. This song fits perfectly with the Drag Race alumni style of music, and is sure to be a hit amongst the gays. 

The intro to ‘A Drag Race Song’ begins with Divina doing a mock Alaska (Season 5, All Stars 2) voice, which has fooled many as being the real Alaska. To continue, the song has a fairly mellow tone during its verses, even giving Mariah (Carey) a shout out as Divina can be heard showing off her whistle-tone skills in the background. The most iconic part of the song, however, is the chorus. Suddenly the beat becomes very club like and typical gay culture, and Divina sings the iconic line “all my yas gays, on your sad days” whilst singing about her Drag Race experience. 

Despite being her first record produced outside of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, ‘A Drag Race Song’ is actually Divina’s third song to hit Spotify. Having performed the iconic ‘Break Up (Bye Bye)’ as part of the Frock Destroyers, and recently singing on a verse of Rupaul’s ‘Rock It (To The Moon)’ as part of the UK finale, this singing queen is already making a name for herself in the music industry. 

During the bridge, Divina takes time to acknowledge some of her fellow Season 1 queens, stating that “Blu is real shady” and “Crystal’s a stunt queen”. She of course makes reference to the drag race superstar herself, saying that “Ru is the mother, her legs to the sky”, then notes on the well-established harshest judge of Drag Race, saying “I get the distinct impression that Michelle Visage doesn’t like me”. This occurs all whilst the beat picks up, going into the chorus once again for Divina to say “fierce, slay, walk. I’m in my heels”. 

Though I had very low expectations upon hearing of Divina’s latest release, ‘A Drag Race Song’ was actually a very pleasant song. It’s catchy, great to dance to, and makes a great addition to any gay playlist (or gaylist as I like to say). 

Divina de Campo’s ‘A Drag Race Song’ is out now via PEG Records. 



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