Does BOY BYE match up to the success of past singles?

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BROCKHAMPTON recently released three tracks in the past 2 weeks (and a new album just last night). ‘BOY BYE’ demonstrates some of the lyricist’s rap ability and uses Latin influences with a Hip Hop twist to create a new sound within the hip hop genre.

As a huge BROCKHAMPTON fan I feel this single is a slight let down compared to their previous releases. It is a great song but in BROCKHAMPTON standards it’s relatively disappointing. The vocals and beat feature Brockhampton’s worst mixing especially considering the success of the Saturation trilogy which is noted for its amazing mixing of every song on each album.

Though the sound is a let down for BROCKHAMPTON, lyrically ‘BOY BYE’ is quite impressive.  Dom McLennon begins the track and comes in hard with lyrics like “I go Johnnie Cochran when I’m raising my defences”. For those who don’t know Johnnie Cochran successfully defended OJ Simpson in his trial so, as you can tell, that’s pretty damn defensive.

‘BOY BYE’ feels slightly rushed, but maybe that’s because BROCKHAMPTON are held to such a high standard, it is hard for them to outmatch their previous releases.

BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘BOY BYE’ is out now via RCA Records.


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