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'25' features a much heavier sound compared to previous releases and shows the new sound of their new album Future Dust, coming out 24 May. Is this a new direction for The Amazons?

  • 8.5

Berkshire four-piece band The Amazons deliver another smashing hit from their upcoming album Future Dust (out 24 May) in new single ’25’. The track steers away from some of the band’s pop influences and captures a much heavier sound through the strong anthemic guitar lead. This song gives us a hint that the new album’s sound will feel much heavier compared to their self-titled 2017 debut. Lead singer Matthew Thomson said “we were searching for a heavier sound, and we found it by delving back through the blues”; this is particularly evident in ‘25’ and shows the band’s ability to transform and create a sound that will grow with their audience.

‘25’ is the fourth single The Amazons have released this year and exemplifies their new musical direction while sticking to their energetic pop rock roots. Their new release is much heavier than previous singles and has influences from Queen of the Stone Ages. The main theme of the song is the fear of growing up and turning 25, an age which for many symbolises becoming an ACTUAL adult or as others say “a time to get your shit together”. Thompson reveals he wrote this song when he was 24, however is now 25 and still connects with the song. Fans of the band are able to connect with this fear considering their main fanbase is 18+ and the minute you hit the big 1-8 life seems to fly by.

’25’ is available now via Fiction Records.


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