Review: BTS ft.Halsey – ‘Boy With Luv’


With refreshing track and retro-funk themes, BTS join forces with Halsey for an utterly inescapable tune.

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BTS, a South Korean boys’ group, is extremely great at setting and break records of newly released songs. This time, BTS are breaking the records again!

‘Boy With Luv’ – the latest song released on 12th April 2019, featured by American star Halsey, has been confirmed to be the most-viewed 24-hour debut in YouTube with 74.6 million views. BTS is just making impossible things possible when every time a new album is released.

In fact, Halsey and BTS have become friends since 2017 when meeting each other at the backstage of Billboard Music Awards. Afterwards, they interacted in Instagram and Twitter; Halsey went to South Korea often; they exchanged gifted in person… So that’s why they had this friendship. And that’s why Halsey became the female vocal of the song when BTS got this new track of the song. Halsey also appeared on the music video. Who knows she went to South Korea to work on this!

The music video of ‘Boy With Luv’ has lots of inspirations from the classic American movie musical – Singing In The Rain, television sitcom – 2 Broke Girls and American theatres.

‘Boy With Luv’ recalls fans with ‘Boy In Luv’ – the debut single five years ago. ‘Boy In Luv’ was about young love, teen love. This time, seven boys have become seven men. They are singing about what true love is. At the end of the music video, all the names of previous albums are shown as background. BTS are recalling these memories to thank themselves and fans for all the hard work during the five years. They both deserve it.

‘Boy With Luv’ is available now via Big Hit Entertainment.


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