Khalid – ‘My Bad’


The R&B star's latest is yet another summertime hit.

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Following the release of ‘Talk‘, Khalid has come back with another track that is bound to put you in your feels. Unlike ‘Talk’ where he is asking for a girls attention, on ‘My Bad’ he is apologising for not keeping in contact with this mystery girl and he states that arguing with him is not going to solve the problem; he didn’t text her back because he was working- a mistake that we have all made at some point. The record is the perfect song to blast out on some speakers on a hot summers day with your car windows rolled down and the wind blowing in your face- just a thought!

Khalid does not fail to impress with his unique, commanding voice, and he takes you on a journey that simply says that he is interested in this girl, but that she is blowing things out of proportion by assuming he is doing something he shouldn’t be by not answering his phone. The one thing that irks me at times is that the best of his songs tend to be rather short and he leaves me wanting an extra minute or two; however with Khalid he’s able to captivate your attention in the space of two and a half minutes and that’s one of his strengths that leaves his fans, myself included, coming back for more! ‘My Bad’ is the second single that will be on his upcoming album Free Spirit, which is set for an April 5th release. With tracks like ‘My Bad’ and ‘Talk’, it’s certainly worth being on the lookout for this album and you won’t be disappointed!

‘My Bad’ is available via RCA Records.


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