Review: The Japanese House – ‘Maybe You’re The Reason’


The Japanese House's latest single is just as good as her last.

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It’s a testament to Amber Bain‘s talent that she manages to use the same techniques to create different yet equally effective tracks over and over again. In this latest release she once again introduces multi-layered vocals that add a complexity to the lyrics and encourage chilled vibes, reinforced by the backing track’s inclusion of bongos and simple yet resonating guitar riffs.

The Japanese House continues with her theme of “searching” in this track, suggesting that her debut album will be about looking for and creating an identity for herself. This is no easy task in a society that asks us to be mirrors that reflect the portraits they provide; Bain contemplates this in the lyric “I’ve found myself, I’m someone else”. In fact, another theme of outward projection seems to be occurring: in ‘Lilo’, ‘Follow My Girl’, and now ‘Maybe You’re the Reason’ Bain comments on the effect that human relationships can have on identity-formation. 

This track is just as poignant as the other two pre-releases from Good At Falling. The electronic sound added to the mix introduces a modern-twist that makes it all the more interesting. To all the stressed students out there: add this single to your ‘chill’ playlist – you won’t regret it. 

‘Maybe You’re The Reason’ is available now via Dirty Hit Records 


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