Review: Hozier – ‘Movement’


Hozier's latest shines with underplayed sound, beautiful lyrics and mesmerising vocals.

Irish indie rocker Hozier is very much like the musical equaivalent of a blue moon – he can disappear for any long period of time, but when he does resurface again, it’s always a wonder to behold. ‘Movement’ is no exception. The new single makes up for what it lacks in sheer bombast with quiet dignity and rightly-earned confidence.

The single bears all the hallmarks of a Hozier classic – deep, resonant and heartbreaking vocals accompanied by minimalist guitar and drums. Like ‘Take Me to Church’ before it, ‘Movement’ is an absolute earworm of a track, with some seriously catchy lyrics (mostly involving ‘moving’ of some kind), as well as some gorgeous poetic imagery – “Move like grey skies; move like a bird of paradise.” While it doesn’t lay claim to any social commentary like many of Hozier’s other songs, it’s actually made all the more refreshing simply for existing on its own merits. It’s easy to forget in today’s climate that entertainment doesn’t owe us any degree of concession or allegory.

Neither does ‘Movement’ fall into the category of ‘Arsonist’s Lullaby’, a thunderous track ruined by overexposure (and being in a trailer for The Walking Dead). ‘Movement’ feels underplayed, like the prelude to an encore, which makes it all the more exciting as a prospective lead-in to Hozier’s sophomore album, due out in 2019. If more of the same is what we can expect, then I cannot wait.

‘Movement’ is out now via Universal/Island Music Ltd. Watch the music video here.


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