Review: Lil Dicky feat. Chris Brown – ‘Freaky Friday’


This track continues the viral success of Lil Dicky. Combining hilarity with a sweet hook and catchy beat, you'll be getting 'Freaky' to this for some time to come.

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After a three year hiatus, this week American rapper Lil Dicky returned with his new, Chris Brown-featuring single, ‘Freaky Friday’. The song follows the same theme as the 2003 film, whereby Brown and Dicky switch bodies for a day.

It’s been difficult to miss this track. It immediately went viral, racking up 11 million views on YouTube in just three days. This is due in large part to several superstar cameos, including Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and a bizarre, heavily auto-tuned turn from Kendall Jenner in which she sings about her vagina. Yes, you read that right.

However, it is also the witty, innovative and downright captivating nature of ‘Freaky Friday’ which has made it into a viral sensation. Matching a typically electronic DJ Mustard beat with an insanely catchy Chris Brown hook, hilarious lyrics and a signature self-deprecating turn from Lil Dicky, it is impossible not to stick this on repeat. For all the well-deserved criticism of Chris Brown, it is undeniable that the man is extremely talented. The song is made by his sweet vocals and the brilliant video is enhanced by his extraordinary dance moves and comedic acting.

Yet, the undoubted star of ‘Freaky Friday’ is Lil Dicky. The song is entirely penned by the Pennsylvania native and his laidback style and flow contrast perfectly with the frenetic style of the track. His ability to combine hilarity with genuinely impressive rapping ability and consistently catchy beats mark him out as one of the hottest rising talents in the rap game. Moreover, his devotion to creating entertaining and amusing music videos just adds to the quality of his songs. If you have 5 minutes to spare this week, give ‘Freaky Friday’ a watch, if only to see Kendall Jenner do the unthinkable. You won’t regret it.

‘Freaky Friday’ is out now via Commission Music


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