Review: Peace – ‘From Under Liquid Glass’


Peace's return is a gutsy and emotional statement that shows us another side to the band that we had yet to witness.

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Birmingham-based band Peace has returned to the indie music scene with new single ‘From Under Liquid Glass’. Released in support of mental health charity MQ, the track is the first piece of work released by the band since their 2015 album Happy People.

Whilst Peace’s previous album Happy People was predictably optimistic and full of high-tempo melodies and joyful lyrics, this new song shows us a much deeper side to the four-piece. Founding member and lead singer Harrison Koisser emotionally opens up in ‘From Under Liquid Glass’ as he narrates his recent struggles with his own mental health. Written whilst he locked himself up in his bedroom, the song comes across as, above all, brave and honest. Embracing his vulnerability through lyrics like “I’m scared to face the music alone/ In my big fuckin’ mental head” Koisser and co. draw us closer to the band, and immerse us in a passionate angst-filled and heartfelt story of hardship. Musically, the song is stripped back to enhance this raw emotion, with guitarist Douglas Castle melodically plucking away as ever, but taking a back seat to great effect. The story may be specific to Koisser but the song retains an extra significance, a show of support and a voice for others who may also be suffering. Meanwhile, Peace maintain their typical post-punk indie vibe, ensuring that their long-term fan base has another banger to belt out at when they decide to hit the road again. This latest release has only whet the appetite for Peace’s elusive third album; here’s hoping the New Year will bring us some good news.

Not only do Peace provide a platform for an increasingly important message with ‘From Under Liquid Glass’, but they also add an emotive depth to the band that had yet to be seen.

‘From Under Liquid Glass’ is out now via Ignition Records 


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