Review: Creeper – ‘Fairytale of New York’


With a fantastic balance of their own unique sound and the spirit of the original, Creeper's cover of this Christmas classic is a delight.

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Southampton goth punks Creeper have had quite the year. In March they released their debut album Eternity, in Your Arms to widespread critical acclaim – including a five-star review from us here at The Edge – and charted inside the UK top 20. Since then they’ve toured extensively and have just begun their ‘Theatre of Fear’ UK tour, which is set to culminate with their biggest headlining show to date here in Southampton at the Guildhall. In honour of both this and the impending Christmas season, the band have announced a Christmas EP, to be released on December 8th, the tracklist of which includes their own cover of The Pogues’ classic ‘Fairytale of New York’.

As popular and iconic as it is, deciding to cover ‘Fairytale of New York’ is no simple feat, but Creeper pull it off admirably. Their long-standing ace in the hole, singers Will Gould and Hannah Greenwood are in their element here with the song’s duelling vocals, adding just the right amount of Creeper’s signature theatricality, whilst keeping with the song’s sleazier style. Instrumentally, the translation of folk to rock is seamless. Leaning more on their glam rock side, the band conjure up a swirling spirited cauldron of charm and gusto. It’s so unmistakably Creeper, yet it’s a fantastic homage to the famous original track. It only serves to enforce Creeper as Britain’s brightest young band.

It’s this very confidence and spirit that solidifies Creeper as perhaps the band of 2017. It’s been a fantastic year for the band, and they cap it off with a cover of a Christmas classic. There’s no better way to encapsulate what’s been a phenomenal 12 months.

‘Fairytale of New York’ is available now via Roadrunner Records


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