Review: Kurupt FM – ‘Suttin Like That’


KURUPT FM have released a track that is nothing revolutionary, but ultimately does the job.

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Everybody’s favourite parody garage crew Kurupt FM is continuing to surprise us all by releasing some serious(ish) music which, dare I say it, is not terrible. In support of their forthcoming album The Lost Tape which is set to be released on November 17th, MC Grindah and co have released the first single, ‘Suttin Like That’.

The stars from the BBC mockumentary People Just Do Nothing have not only gained appraisal as comedy television characters in recent times but have also acquired a cult following supportive of their revitalisation of the UK garage era sound. ‘Suttin Like That’ unsurprisingly adheres to everything you would expect from Kurupt FM. Lairy MCs and up-tempo from the offset, the track is undoubtedly built for ravers, suited perfectly for festival tents that the crew so frequently attend.

The track, unveiled on BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam show on October 26th, is 2 minutes and 34 seconds worth of pulsating beats that transport you into the filthy underground nightlife scene. What does come as surprise, however, is how this track appears to have overlapped genres and incorporated a strong grime-type beat. Some may see this as a betrayal of what made the lads memorable, but let’s not kid ourselves; their revival of the garage scene was never intended to be a deep, world-shattering movement, it just started out as a bit of fun, and I think ‘Suttin Like That’ needs to be viewed in that light. The lyrics are as overtly sexual and comedic as expected with lines like “Did I lick that chick?” and “Gonna get high like a satellite dish”, showing that Kurupt FM themselves are still in touch with their playful side.

Brentford’s finest have not done anything revolutionary with ‘Suttin Like That’, and it does at times feel quite repetitive, especially with the hook. What they have done, though, is produced a song that does exactly what it intends to. It will seamlessly fit into any club DJ set and ultimately is rather palatable.

‘Suttin Like That’ is out now via XL Recordings


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