Review: Zak Abel – ‘Only When We’re Naked’

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Abel doesn't disappoint with this upbeat and fun title track from his upcoming debut album.

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Having played a string of numerous festivals over the summer, Zak Abel has undoubtedly pleased both new and old fans with his brand new track, ‘Only When We’re Naked’, which also happens to be the title of his upcoming debut album.  Abel has been incorporating the song into his live shows for some months now, so it must be a relief to finally release the studio version.

Although the song may be perceived as being written about a rather intimate topic, Abel wants to make it clear that it isn’t necessarily as literal as it sounds.  Speaking to MistaJam on BBC Radio 1Xtra when premiering the track, he said, “There’s obviously the physical nakedness interpretation but… it’s about more than that.  It’s about also being emotionally naked, emotionally vulnerable and real with people when you meet them, when you talk to them.”  Such a multi-faceted track creates one suited to a multitude of different moods and it’s clear that Abel has excelled here.

The track itself is ridiculously catchy; with an upbeat tempo and Abel’s smooth and soulful vocals, you’ll struggle not to shout the lyrics or dance along ridiculously, regardless of where you are when you hear it.  A standout moment would have to be the middle 8, where Abel repeats the lines, “Wanna be naked / I wanna be naked with you.”  ‘Only When We’re Naked’ bodes well for Abel’s debut album, likely to fully plant him on the music scene after its release on October 6th.

‘Only When We’re Naked’ is out now via Atlantic Records


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