Review: Foo Fighters – ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’


A typically anthemic track from the veterans, Concrete and Gold looks on course to be the rock album of 2017.

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After the surprise release of ‘Run’ earlier this summer and the eventual confirmation of their upcoming ninth album Concrete and Gold, out this September, Foo Fighters bring us ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’. Where ‘Run’ took a slightly more subversive route, ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’ is classic Foo Fighters and reminds us exactly why they are the biggest rock band on the planet still repping the good ol’ guitar music.

Grohl’s vocals on the verses are much rawer than usual, aligning with the stripped back nature of the track. It’s not flashy, nor is it over the top and over complicated; it’s a traditional rock n’ roll banger with little pretension and BS. Built on the simplistic drums and keys, the song crescendoes into an emphatic chorus, no one else in the game does ’em like the Foos. It’s a huge, booming refrain which will likely earn the band some of their biggest sing alongs as soon as it debuts in their live shows.

All in all, it’s classic Foo Fighters. Serving to heighten the anticipation for Concrete and Gold, ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ gifts us with another gem to add to the inevitable crown of album number nine.

‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’ is out now via Sony


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    Katlin Stewart on

    This album is already shaping up to be the Foo Fighters worst album yet. If you want a “classic” Foo’s song go listen to The Pretender, Monkey wrench or even Everlong. Both The Sky is a Neighbourhood and Run are more garbage than this article.

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