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Full of funk and summer vibes, HONNE show their fun side with 'Just Dance'.

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Following the release of their debut album, Warm On A Cold Night, last summer, British electronic duo HONNE are continuing to add to their discography with brand new track, ‘Just Dance’. Premiered a week after the band tweeted, “CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU NEW MUSIC. CAN’T KEEP IT TO OURSELVES MUCH LONGER”, it seems that fans didn’t have long to wait much longer, with the duo releasing the track pretty promptly, rather than doing going down the route of other artists and milking a tease of new material.

‘Just Dance’ couldn’t have been released at a more appropriate time of year; the track has an inherently summery feel and really does make you want to do what it says in the title.  Compared with some of HONNE’s other, slightly more melancholic songs, this track is truly uplifting and lyrically lighthearted.  A lot of their music centres around the topic of relationships, but ‘Just Dance’ describes just having fun, particularly in the lines of the chorus:

“Wrap both your arms around my body / And dance like you are with nobody / I could not care what anyone thinks / Definitely not after those drinks.”

The song perfectly depicts how a few drinks with pals can escalate into a full blown night out, and after a certain point the consequences are forgotten.  Despite incorporating a different subject matter into the song, ‘Just Dance’ still uses HONNE’s trademark heavily layered synths and catchy percussion – and lead singer Andy Clutterbuck’s vocals are as unmistakable as ever.

‘Just Dance’ is out now via Atlantic Records


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