Review: Jillionaire, Fuse ODG & Fatman Scoop – ‘Sunrise’


Generic and lazy.

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Lazy beat? Check. Generic hook? Check. Awful lyrics? Check. Random interjections from a hype man doing his best Lil Jon impression after apparently hibernating for a decade? Check. ‘Sunrise,’ the new collaboration between Major Lazer member Jillionaire, London rapper Fuse ODG, and New York shouting man Fatman Scoop may well epitomise everything that’s wrong with modern music.

‘Sunrise’ is nothing but the most basic and mind-numbingly awful form of contemporary dance music – and something that will likely fester in the charts and the clubs for the rest of the year. There feels like no real effort behind it at all, for if you gave me an effects board and some low-level tech I could probably replicate it inside 15 minutes. And, even for a club track, there’s something particularly off-putting about the whole thing: “And I just wanna take you home / Hear my gun as it goes pow / I’ll be putting your lights out, yeah,” doesn’t sound all that appealing, does it? I’m not usually one to be found in a club, but if I were to meet someone there then this suggested course of action would likely earn me a slap in the face.

We’re not even two months into 2017 and yet the worst song of the year is already upon us.

‘Sunrise’ is out now via Feel Up Records


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