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Though ‘Cake By The Ocean,’ DNCE’s maiden single, was oh so good, ‘Toothbrush’ just isn’t. Clearly observing the motto of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, its successor has a similarly quirky title evidently to draw people in, but don’t be fooled – this is not a song about dental hygiene.

“Maybe you don’t have to rush / You could leave a toothbrush / At my place,” sings Joe Jonas throughout on those signature high notes, yet the lyrics seem to a record stuck on repeat. We hear the same ones too often and by the end I’m fed up of hearing about instruments used for keeping those pearly whites all pearly and white. The smooth electronic backing and electric guitar motif does provide the listener with some sort of solace, just showing the potential squandered. With a change of lyrics, this really could have been quite good.

‘Toothbrush’ truly is a one-dimensional song. I have no idea what ‘Cake By The Ocean’ was about, but it certainly didn’t have Joe Jonas wearing his heart on his sleeve over a toothbrush. This song has honestly made me never want to leave a toothbrush at anyone’s place, because that would just be too cringey.

Toothbrush is now out via Republic Records


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